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Benson’s rep as comedy’s cotton-mouth king gets him regularly smoked up by zealous fans; his undying love of movies finds expression and company with film oracle Leonard Maltin in Benson’s popular Doug Loves Movies podcast; and his Nerdist podcast, Dining with Doug and Karen, captures what funny people eating delicious food sounds like. The 49-year-old's life is a “total scam” by his own admission. His fans get what they want, and many come bearing spliffs.

AC: As a highly Twitter-active comedian who likes to read tweets onstage, how soon after Twitter came out did you realize you had a gold mine in your hands?

DB: I think it existed for a year or two before I got on board. It's such a great way to interact with people who like what I do.

Smoking pot in the '90s, like in most of the decades after the '60s when the hippies made weed-smoking a veritable subculture, was a divisive act. There were people just like us—in their basements, hot-boxing their cars down different canyon roads, putting in eyedrops before going into different English classes (I’m sorry, again, Mr.

All that mattered was that for that one special day our people stood up and said, "Yep, I smoke pot. And so do all these people wearing strangely large pants and hideous multi-colored hats." That one stupid holiday made us feel like we weren’t so alone after all.

The teens, who called themselves "the Waldos," would meet at pm after school and go in search of a rumored nearby marijuana plantation.

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