24 california christian dating disneyland

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I can’t speculate about Walt Disney’s faith or lack thereof, but as my spiritual mentor Dr. Gerstner suggested, we often hold a theology that we do not keep, while we keep a theology that we do not have.

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The bitter irony, of course, is that Walt Disney’s original intentions were to create a place where nothing bad could even be imagined, much less experienced.

In short, Disney had attempted to build the kingdom of God.

And Disneyland was a huge success from its opening day. When he opened Walt Disney World near Orlando in 1971, his goal wasn’t only to build a theme park (or several), it was to show America how it ought to live.

This is most evident in the Epcot venue (opened in 1982 and originally called the Experimental Living Center of Tomorrow).

I would like a partner who also attends a charismatic church, also someone doesn't have a problem with Word of Faith since that's the type of church I attend. I believe life should be exciting and fun,believing for someone who feels the same. My purpose and objective in life is to draw closer and closer to Jesus and serve Him.

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