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As search engines are still the most important traffic source for most niche websites, and a place at the top of Google’s 1 With new search algorithm updates every few months, Google is constantly enhancing the way it operates and helps users find the most relevant search results for their queries.

For example, Google recently announced Penguin as a part of their core search algorithm.

– Vi støtter definitivt den kampen Idrettsforbundet tar sammen med myndighetene om å begrense spillreklamen.

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Fremhever spesielt biblioteket av fagartikler om trening, styrke, utstyr, smøring, teknikk etc.

Om du har abonnement logger du deg inn via vinduet nedenfor.

Last year Google included mobile compatibility, as one of the key user experience factors, to its search ranking algorithm and elevated the websites, which complied with its mobile-friendly guidelines, in mobile search results.

Earlier this year, Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a new initiative to help webmasters create faster mobile websites that are instantly available to users and much easier to navigate (just like Facebook instant articles).

Do you find yourself wondering what to talk about apart from how your day was?

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